Asus Checker

Asus Checker is a program for Windows 98/Windows 2000 and XP to check the CPU and motherboard temperature and the CPU fan speed for Asus motherboard.
The differences between this software and the others are:

  • It's very little (65 kb)
  • It only shows these following data: temperature of the CPU, the temperature of the motherboard and the CPU fan speed
  • You don't have to restore the window to see the information, the tooltip in the tray area shows the data
  • The icon in the tray area shows the status with different "smileys"
Icon CPU Temperature
less than 30 C
beetwen 30 and 39 C
beetwen 40 and 49 C
beetwen 50 and 59 C
beetwen 60 and 69 C
more than 69 C

Asus Checker needs Asus DLLs to work, you can find them in the Asus Probe software.
This release has a fixed polling interval of 5 seconds for every reading.


  1. Download the file with the asus.exe file
  2. Expand the file asus.exe in the Asus Probe directory
When you run the software its window is centered on the screen, when you minimize it Asus Checker hides it. If you create a shortcut for the exe with the /i switch ("asus.exe /i") Asus Checker will start hidden showing only the icon in the tray area.

The software has been developed and tested on a CUSL2-C motherboard.

Click here to download the file (33 kb).

User opinion
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  • v1.0
    The first release
  • v1.1
    Change in showing the CPU temperature range in the tray area (red icon added). Save in the file 'log.txt' of the highest temperature reached during the execution.
  • v1.2
    Change in showing the CPU temperature range in the tray area (blue icon added).

The package is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind. The author shall not be liable for damages of any kind. Use of this software indicates you agree to this.

All files in this package are protected by copyright (c) 2001-2005 Stefano Grassi.
Asus is a trademark of ASUSTek COMPUTER INC.


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