Microsoft Pocket PC Emulator and Network

If you have to develop a software with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 for a mobile device (for example Pocket PC 2003) which has to access to your network (local area or internet) you must enable the support for the network into the emulator. These are the steps:
  1. Download and install the Virtual Machine Network Driver for Microsoft Device Emulator at this address.
    I suggest to do the setup with Visual Studio 2005 and the emulator turned off.
  2. From the Network Settings select the Local Area Connection, right click and select Properties, check the box near Virtual Machine Network Services
  3. In Visual Studio open Tools -> Options
  4. Open the Device Tools -> Devices node
  5. Select Pocket PC 2003 Emulator and click Properties
  6. From the Transport section select the TCP Connect Transport
  7. Click the Configure button and select Obtain an IP address automatically using ActiveSync, then close the dialog box
  8. Click Emulator Options..., tab Network, check the box Enable NE2000 PCMIA network adapter and bind to: and from the drop down list select your network card
  9. Close all the dialog boxes, run your application, in the emulator open then File -> Configure dialog box
  10. Check the box or verify the state of the Enable NE2000 PCMIA network adapter and bind to: box, it must be checked
Now from your software you can use the code to connect to internet, databases servers and so on.