Object Styles

You can use the following styles for the object:


StyleBorder Control has a border
StyleCaption Control has a caption
StyleSysMenu Control has a system menu
StyleVisible Control is visible
StyleSizeable Control is sizeable
StyleStandard This is the join of the previous styles
StyleMDI This is the style for MDI windows container

Button style

StylePush Push Button
StyleCheck CheckBox Button
StyleRadio Radio Button

Text style

StyleMultiline The text is multiline
StyleWantReturn The control accept the Return key in the text area

Alignment style

AlignmentRight The text is right aligned
AlignmentCenter The text is centered
AlignmentLeft The text is left aligned

Font style

FontNormal The font is normal
FontItalic The font is italic
FontBold The font is bold
FontUnderline The font is underline

Mouse button style

LeftMouseButton The left button has been pressed
MiddleMouseButton The middle button has been pressed
RightMouseButton The right button has been pressed