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Current Release

  • 01/09/2007
    v2.0 Released
    New features: Schema and Data Retrieving, Copy Queries in Visual Basic, C++ and C# format, Format Queries functions, Objects case auto update, MDI Tab with DSN info tooltip and icons, aliases management, Hot Key to recall and automatically execute queries from other applications (for example: Visual Studio or Eclipse), macros from file, new 256 colors icons and bugs fixed.

Major Release History

  • 01/10/2004
    v1.9 Released
    Completely rewritten using a new C++ framework for a better user interface.
    New features: Save and Save As functions, new menu disposition, new disposition for browsing functions and their improvement (new object browser, new table browser, new history list), Finder procedure for database objects, keyword change case, alias management, code snippets (multiple clipboard), Microsoft Access Database direct connection, Microsoft SQL Server direct connection, Oracle Database direct connection, internal minor improvements (memory leaks removal, bugs fixed)
  • 01/06/2003
    v1.8 Released
    New features: context completation, sql statement execution under transaction, bookmarks, binary data viewer, three different query window interfaces, export in XML format, multilevel undo/redo, multiple windows result set support, cursor auto indentation, graphical improvements
  • 01/03/2003
    v1.7 Released
    New features: script generation in the Table Browser, Words Completation, Objects Browser improvement, multiple Query Windows and Results for every connection, comment and uncomment blocks of text, indent and outdent blocks of text, Go to Line Number
  • 15/06/2002
    v1.6 Released
    New features: Binary or ASCII import/export, customable file for keywords highlighting, additional info in the windows, execution multiple queries improvement, improvement readability in the grid, asynchronous queries execution, queries execution time-stamping, more macro keys, new and more detailed help file in .chm format, // C++ like comments management and highlighting, Find & Replace improvement
  • 15/12/2001
    v1.5 Released
    New features: Batch Files execution, Macro Keys, multiple Query Windows for every connection, Syntax Highlighting
  • 01/09/2001
    v1.4 Released
    New features: Connection DSN Less, execution multiple queries, last files opened management, table browser to easily view tables info, export data improvement, news shortcuts, new layout
  • 15/06/2000
    v1.3 Released
    New features: based on ODBC 3.51 library, print of the SQL statements or the result set, new columns resizing of the grid, new shortcuts, DSNs management, tables list in the edit box
  • 16/08/1999
    v1.2 Released
    New features: menu Edit with Cut/Copy/Paste and Find/Replace (case sensitive or insensitive) functions, caret position shown, insert statements written from the current result set
  • 29/04/1999
    v1.1 Released
    New features: info about foreign keys and stored procedures, Object Browser to easily list all the objects (tables, views, columns and procedures) in the database, export to HTML files, Query History, import data with transactions (data are inserted only at the end of the file), smart shortcuts (select and insert statements with the list of columns already written)
  • 13/01/1999
    v1.0 Released
    This is the first release of Database Gate.

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