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Last Update: 14 August 2005

What's HD Checker ?
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What's HD Checker ?

HD Checker is a program for Windows 95/98/ME,NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and XP to monitor the right functionality of your hard disk(s).
It is based of S.M.A.R.T. technology to control the status of your EIDE hard disk(s), to prevent data loss and predict failures.

If HD Checker detects a change in the hard disk status can notify this event in different ways using popup windows and/or by email (useful to control remote computers).

HD Checker monitors all the attributes available for the hard disk and you can choose when it has to alert you by selecting a customable percentage threshold in which every hard disk attribute can change with no alert.

HD Checker is written with Borland C++ 5.02 using only Win32 API, no MFC/OWL framework used.

Download the program

Click here to download HD Checker Shareware Version 1.0 (44 Kb).
Version 1.0 has the monitor functions disabled, it works only as S.M.A.R.T attributes reader.
To get the latest version with all the functions enabled please register.

You may freely copy and distribute HD Checker Shareware Version 1.0
Only the unmodified zipped (the package) file may be distributed or copied.
You are prohibited from:

  • Charging a fee or requesting donations for the package
  • Distributing/including the package in commercial products different from shareware/freeware collections
  • Modifying or reverse engineering the package
You can distribute the package in shareware/freeware collections (on web site/CD ROM)


  1. Decompress the zipped file into a directory
  2. Run hdcheck.exe
  3. In the first execution HD Checker can update your system, only for Windows 95/98/ME, by copying the smartvsd.vxd file (by default into the \system directory) also into the \system\iosubsys directory and by rebooting your computer
To uninstall HD Checker delete the directory where you have decompressed the zipped file.
If you don't choose to run HD Checker at the log on this software doesn't write registry keys.


The registration fee is 5$ (USD) and can be paid on line using a credit card.

Click here for the registration page. The registered latest version (only the .exe file with the license key, all in the .zip format) will be sent to you by email.

Minor upgrades and bug fixes are free to registered users. Registered users are informed of upgrades and new software releases.


  • 28/01/2002
    v1.0 Released
    This is the first release of HD Checker.


The package is provided as is, without warranty of any kind. The author shall not be liable for damages of any kind. Use of this software indicates you agree to this.


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