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Welcome to my web site. I hope you will enjoy the visit and will find useful information.
Since this is my personal site, you will read many topics about my jobs, hobbies and my life.

Have a nice browsing !

Stefano Grassi

redball.gif Software

Database Gate
Shareware program useful for developers, to connect to every kind of database using ODBC
(for Windows)

HD Checker
Shareware program to monitor your your hard disk
(for Windows)

Asus Checker
Freeware program to monitor your Asus motherboard
(for Windows)

Application to share X Window sessions
(for Linux and X Window)

My Favourites
The list of my favourites applications (freeware and shareware)

Digital Radio
The Powerful Tool for USB Transmitter, for HobbyKing, FlySky, Turborix and Exceed radio

Developing software isn't only my job but also a passion...
redball.gif Personal Info

Professional Information
My curriculum vitae

Personal Information
My hobbies

Latin Dance
My passion for salsa and merengue, visit my pages for the italian newsgroup about latin american dance

Everything about me, myself and I...

redball.gif Developers Corners

Personal Framework for Windows Programming
My freeware C++ framework for a easily development of the user interface of a application
(for Windows)

Win32 API for Visual Basic
If you use Visual Basic in a deep way sooner or later you need to work with the APIs

Pocket PC Emulator and Network
How to enable the network for Pocket PC Emulators

redball.gif Touristic Area

Lake Maggiore
Information about this wonderful place in the north west of Italy
Where I live

Lake Orta
A visit to this lake is a joy for the eyes

Lake Garda
The bigger lake of Italy

Lake Como
The lake made famous by Alessandro Manzoni

Lake Iseo
The pictoresque lake for its uncontaminated nature

The economic center of Italy has also many touristic places to visit

"Roma caput mundi" said the ancient Romans: this city ha many archaeological places to visit

The first capital of the Italian nation
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