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Hi all,
This is my personal information page and you'll find information about me and my hobbies.

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My hobbies

I like computer science very much. At the beginning it was only an amusement and then it became object of my study and work. I'm a dedicated programmer and developer. Most likely this is why you encounter this page. So let me state on that first: It is my profession, my hobby and my second greatest pleasure at the same time.

I take an interest in High Fidelity and in my daily activities I always like to listen to music. I listen from the tecno (Radio DJ is my favourite radio station) to the classic (Beethoven, Bach, Dvorak), from Alan Parson Project to Pink Floyd and the Doors, from Gershwin to Carmina Burana and finally Latin music. I don't like heavy metal. I have studied piano for 2 years.

Some years ago I approached to the world of TV Satellite, especially to improve my English.
Since 1985 I've been radioamateur and my callsign is IK1GPL.

I like to travel to exotic places (my favourite places are the Canary Islands, Spain and if I could I'd come back now to Venezuela, a wonderful place I visited in 1998) but also near home. I think that also near our home there is always something to discover. In my trips I always carry my video and photo camera.

In october 1999 I started to dance salsa, merengue and bachata: I'm a very beginner but I like it very much and now I try to spend my free time to improve and become a good dancer. I often write on the italian newsgroup about the salsa dancing (it.arti.ballo.lat-americano). Here you can find my pages (in italian) about the meetings done with other dancers.

My favourite sport is skiing, and I like also swimming.

I graduated on 16 october 1995 in Computer Science, and the title of my thesis is "Evolution of X and its applications to the didactics". If you are interested click here.

I like to read, even if I have only few minutes to do it...to be update in my work I read many technical magazines and to relax Walt Disney comics (Donald Duck is my favourite hero).

You often find me in I.R.C. with the nick HappyMan, which reflects perfectly my optimist and happy disposition. I also use the same nick in the italian newsgroup about the salsa dancing.


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