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Fori Imperiali

They are an archaeological area made by Foro di Cesare, Foro di Augusto, Foro della Pace, Foro di Nerva, Foro di Traiano (also with the Colonna Traiana) and the Traianus’ markets; they show the passage from the Republic to the period of Empire.

Roma - Fori Imperiali

Roma - Fori Imperiali

Roma - Fori Imperiali

Roma - Fori Imperiali (a different view)


  • Grand Hotel Palatino (4 stars)
  • Forum (4 stars)
  • Traiano (4 stars)
  • Fori Imperiali Cavalieri (3 stars)
  • Nerva (3 stars)
  • Ferraro (1 star)

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