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Users Opinion

These are the comments of some users of the software to understand the DigitalRadio customer satisfaction

Trevor Barlow
Thanks for your software which solved all the problems with using my FS-CT6B with my PC for flight training. I wish I had found it sooner as I wasted nearly a week trying different software combinations to get the sims to work. Your software was an instant solution and wish you every sucess in your RC projects and look forward to trying some of them soon.

Robert Davies
The program works perfectly for my needs (scale model boats -> end points - reverse - sub trim - throttle mixes).
I could never successfully program mixes with the T6A software - with your software it is easy.

Bill Rowe
Installed the software this evening on my notebook running XP Pro SP3 and loaded with no problems. I am impressed. You have done an excellent job. You have put a lot of thought into the user interface, or you are very good. Your pick.
Don't have any suggestions for improvements. But will think about that as I use it.
Do have a request. Can you do the same thing but for my DX7 radio? That would be great. I don't understand why manufacturers don't setup for a PC hookup, it's way easier on a big screen AND you have a backup.
Thank You.

Andy Hubbard
the Tx software is all working and it looks very good, thanks.

David Gettman
Many thanks for a fine piece of software.

Ken Aberle
Downloaded this morning and set it up. So far seems to work great. Like the others have posted, well worth the $2 for your time !

Erin Potts
Thank you! This actually works! I have spent a couple of hours on 2 different computers trying to make the T6Config work and it would never recognize the radio. This one did it the 1st time!

Zac Youngson
What a brilliant piece of software!! thanks very much !!

Ray Humes
The download and software install worked perfectly. Thank you for your contribution to this amazing hobby!

Kim Holland
Absolutely the bee's knees - I can now use this unit at last!!!!

Jeff Quade
Congratulations on coming out of beta with your 1.0 release! I have used T6Config, T6Recalibrate, TurboRix and Digital Radio to program my FS-CT6A. Digital Radio is *by far* the best of the lot. It's got more (and better) features, is more stable, and is easier to set up and use than any competing product.
Thanks again for an excellent program !

John Levreault
Thanks, Stefano. A very nice program and a big step up from T6config!!

Many, many thanks for the support and for the genuinely fast Support. The software works extremely well.
I will advise my friends to this software, especially because of the excellent support. With great thanks,

William Suter
I am using your 'Digital radio' and have submitted US$2.00 to register it but even without the extra functions that registration will enable it is a very, very useful tool.
So, this note is to express my admiration and thanks for your work. Well done!

Leo Sheck
Thank you very much for your assistance, I have installed the program successfully. I would like to take this opportunity to show you my respect for your contribution and many others in this great hobby.

Knut Preller
great job - great service - fast response - perfect software.

Ralph Wilmot
Thank you very much for a very good and useful program. Likewise the support given with the upgrade. It is brilliant value at $2 and in the spirit of the RC hobby.

Vernon Rolton
Hi, I have just purchased & installed Digital Radio on Kubuntu Linux 11.10. Amazed that it worked without any setting up at all Just chose dev/usb0, which happened to be down the bottom of a long list of ports. There was no need to install any device drivers at all. Thanks

Jim Baker
Hi Stefano.
Thank you for this GREAT software programme. It is worth much more than the US$2 donation.
Digital Radio v1.0.4 is far better than other remote control tweaking programmes.
I have a HobbyKing HK-T6A V2 remote and matching receiver.
Cheers....Jim Baker (Australia).

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