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In the following section you can find different drivers for the USB cable.

USB driver 1
USB driver 2
USB driver 3

One driver working with a cable and on a particular pc could be not compatible with a different configuration, so you have to try all of them until you find the right one.
Before installing a new driver you have to uninstall the previous one.

Here you can download a complete manual for the settings of the radio, written by Jerry Shaw, GyroGearLoose, GregoryT (RCDiscuss forum) and Kaos (RCDiscuss forum)
The manual is also on line here.
There is also a different manual in spanish here.

You can add the Multilingual User Interface support by downloading and unzipping in the same folder of the software this file.

You can read additional information to setup the Joystick driver for Digital Radio  here.

Settings samples
Here you can find 5 settings as starting point for your setup:
Hobby King HK450:HXT900 Cyclic servoHXT500 Tail servoTelebee/Turnigy GR302-ADKD KA450H 3200kv motor
Hobby King HK500:Turnigy S3317B Cyclic servoTurnigy MG930 Tail servoHobby King 401B AVCS GyroHobby King 500H Heli Motor 1600kv
Walkera Creata 400:WK-WS-26-001 Brushless Motor
Walkera Dragonfly 36:WK-WS-20-001 Brushless Motor
Windrider Bee2:Foam Wing

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